During her parliamentary hearing in the State Budget for 2022 (OE 2022), the Minister for Presidential Affairs, Mariana Vieira da Silva, called for the strengthening of the State’s competence centres, in particular PlanAPP, as well as its consolidation with a view to “develop\[ing] Public Administration in the areas of strategic planning and public policies through a cadre of qualified specialists with the mission of supporting the establishment of strategic guidelines, priorities and objectives regarding public policies, as well as monitoring their execution and evaluating their implementation, and foresight analysis”.

With the responsibility for the areas of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Planning and Public Administration, Mariana Vieira da Silva clarified that this “organisation corresponds to a vision of the centre of Government that must simultaneously be concerned with the definition of public policies but also with planning and with the evaluation capacities of these same policies and, of course, also with the public administration as a body of workers who implement these public policies”. In the State Budget 2022, five main priorities are established for this government area, of which we highlight the consolidation of “new working models with the promotion of synergies, the creation of closer communication networks and the robustness of competence centres associated with strengthening technical capacity in support of public policy definition, planning and implementation”.


Supporting documents for the parliamentary hearing (documents in Portuguese):

The Parliamentary Budget and Finance Committee hearing can be viewed in full here.