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PlanAPP held five co-creation sessions with the aim of defining the themes and the application process for the “Science in Public Policy” Award. Based on ideas generated, the Prize Rules, Regulations and enrolment form will be presented on 15 May.

The “Science in Public Policies” Prize is an initiative by PlanAPP, in partnership with the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia I.P. (FCT, Foundation for Science and Technology), and the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission, which aims to celebrate scientific studies with an impact on public policies implemented in the last ten years. This activity, coordinated by the Technical Unit of the Planning and Partnerships Network (UTRPP), aims to promote and enhance science culture in public policy, at the same time helping to map national scientific bodies that have the relevant skills for drafting, monitoring and evaluating public policies.

To define the framework and procedures for application and evaluation of the Prize, two “co-creation” models were designed: one to define the framework for receiving the Prize and its categories; and one to define the application process. These participatory methodologies allow ideas to be generated, encouraging group thinking and multiple contributions, generating jointly produced (“co-created”) results. The five sessions were held by Alice Lourenço and Fronika de Wit of the Knowledge Management and Communication Unit and took place between March and April. Four sessions were in person, and took place in the PlanAPP auditorium; the fifth session had participants from the JRC and was therefore held in English, in an online format. These sessions were attended by more than 50 stakeholders, from scientific entities, the Public Administration and social and policy-making science-related fields.

Researchers, communicators and scientists from more than twenty scientific institutions and associations were present (including Instituto de Ciências Sociais, Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão, Nova School of Business and Economics, Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes, Champalimaud Foundation), as well as leaders from Public Administration (Office of Strategy and Studies from the Ministry of Economy; Office of Strategy and Planning from the Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Security; Office of Planning, Policies and General Administration from the Ministry of Agriculture; Shared Services from the Ministry of Health), representatives from FCT and JRC and PlanAPP technicians and consultants.