The Competence Centre for Planning, Policy and Foresight in Public Administration – PlanAPP, in partnership with the OECD – Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, promotes the conference “Rethinking Public Governance: strengthening trust in public institutions and democracy”, to be held on 18 May, in the Torre do Tombo auditorium, in Lisbon.

The conference will be an opportunity to discuss current public governance challenges in an open and inclusive environment with national and international speakers and representatives from the public sector, private sector and academia.

The opening session, scheduled for 9.30am, will be led by the Director of PlanAPP, Paulo Areosa Feio, and the OECD Director of Public Governance, Elsa Pilichowski, followed by three debate panels. The closing session, scheduled for 3:30pm, will be attended by the Minister for Presidential Affairs, Mariana Vieira da Silva.

This initiative is part of the project, “Strengthening Decision-Making Processes and Policy Development in Portugal: Supporting PlanAPP as a core Competence Centre in the Public Administration”,whose aim it is to support the installation of PlanAPP through access to the experience of counterpart bodies in other OECD countries and to international best practice in the area of public governance, with the aim of strengthening the decision-making process and the development of public policies in Portugal.

The project is scheduled to last ten months and is structured around four modules addressing different themes of Public Governance, namely “Evidence-based public policies, transparency and trust” (Module 1); “The institutional model of public policy evaluation” (Module 2); “Supporting policy making with foresight analysis” (Module 3) and “A strategic vision for PlanAPP: its role in the national strategic planning framework, collaborative work and communication of public policies”.

Each module includes the preparation of a diagnostics document, a benchmarking report and one or more workshops involving national and international experts sharing experience and best practice.

The conference “Rethinking Public Governance: strengthening trust in public institutions and democracy” will be the project’s first public initiative and will take place exclusively in person. Registration is free but mandatory.

More information and registration here