As part of the development of activities for a culture of science in public policy, PlanAPP will be one of the public-sector organisations to host doctoral students supported by Doctoral Research Grants funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT).

PlanAPP supports knowledge creation and mobilisation to support evidence-based public policy. To this end, it continues to establish partnerships with various entities, including institutions of the National Science and Higher Education System. Hosting doctoral students is part of this strategy.

The FCT Non-Academic Environment PhD Application Line aims to strengthen the connection between work plans developed in an academic environment and the business and social fabric, broadly speaking, where companies, public, social, health, cultural or other interface institutions are included. This public policy to promote science funding thus seeks to strengthen synergies with the scientific and academic environment, boosting innovation and competitiveness. It is envisaged that 400 PhD scholarships will be awarded to work plans developed in non-academic environments, such as PlanAPP. See full list here.

Activities under development

In PlanAPP, the activities to be developed by doctoral students will be aimed at supporting Applied Research, with the main aim of promoting the quality of public policy in matters of strategic and forward planning, definition, implementation and assessment of public policy, particularly those that require cross-cutting coordination between governmental areas, in order to ensure the consistency of sectoral plans with national strategic priorities.

The research area should focus on instruments, methods and guidelines for monitoring and assessing public policy, with a greater focus on ex-post impact assessment techniques and identification of causal mechanisms concerning policy measures, exploring and applying various counterfactual analysis methods.

PlanAPP’s mission and way of working

Criado em 2021, o PlanAPP – Centro de Competências de Planeamento, de Políticas e de Prospetiva da Administração Pública é um organismo do Estado que visa apoiar a definição e implementação de políticas públicas e a análise prospetiva. Its main objective is to follow and strengthen each of the intervention phases in the public policy cycle – anticipation and planning, design and implementation, monitoring and evaluation – creating the methodologies and internal competencies within the public structure required for quality public action in these areas. Com uma equipa muito qualificada e dinâmica, organizando-se de forma matricial e trabalhando em projetos com parceiros nacionais e internacionais, o PlanAPP promove regularmente debates e sessões de trabalho conjuntas, proporcionando o tipo de ambiente colaborativo e de troca de ideias útil ao processo de desenvolvimento de um doutoramento. With a very qualified and dynamic team, organised as a matrix and working on projects with national and international partners, PlanAPP regularly promotes debates and joint working sessions, providing the kind of collaborative environment and exchange of ideas that is useful to the process of developing a PhD.

Expressions of interest for PlanAPP as a hosting organisation should be submitted by 24 March to