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The aim of this document is to explain the framework of the “Major Options Bill” (Lei das Grandes Opções), at the same time disseminating knowledge of it within and outside the Competence Centre for Planning, Policy and Foresight in Public Administration – PlanAPP.

According to articles 90 and 91 of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic (CPR), “Major Options” (Lei das Grandes Opções) form the fundamental planning instrument for the economic and social development of the country. The constitution states that “national plans shall be drawn up in accordance with the respective “Major Options Bill” (Lei das Grandes Opções)”. It should be noted that “the “Major Options Bill” (Lei das Grandes Opções) is accompanied by reports that justify them”.

The Government is responsible for drafting plans, based on the “Major Options Bill” (Lei das Grandes Opções) and executing them, as well as the State budget (Article 199 of the CPR).

Since PlanAPP is responsible for coordinating the drafting of the “Major Options” (Lei das Grandes Opções), it is essential to understand these “Major Options” in some detail, but also in a simple and summarised way.

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