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Lab2050 is a project aimed at the collective production of visions of a desirable and sustainable future for Portugal, capable of meeting the aspirations of its citizens. The goal is to launch an extensive national debate on a desirable nation for 2050, on the future we want to build.

Project objectives

  • Development of a collaborative foresight laboratory, taking into account the experience of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and adjusted to the reality of Portugal, with a view to 2050;
  • Creation of an online platform where all the information produced to feed into the organised debates and the resulting visions of the future will be published in searchable format, as well as all contributions sent by citizens. It is hoped that this platform will become a meeting point for debates on the future desired for Portugal in the year 2050;
  • Production of reports on the visions emerging from the meetings organised as part of the project, an overall analytical study that will bring together the visions and make a comparative study and a foresight analysis that will incorporate the visions arising from those meetings.

Project duration

The project is scheduled to last fifteen months, starting in July 2022 and ending in October 2023.

Project documents