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Consolidation and strengthening of the law-making process for the Major Options Bill (GO) and the National Reform Programme (NRP), both using new tools associated with it and by stabilising the network of organisations and the basic framework for information-gathering.

Project objectives

  • Continue improvements in the processes of drafting the GO and the NRP, integrating a foresight analysis and a new method for reporting information;
  • Contribute to the public policy decision-making process throughout the public policy cycle;
  • Ensure quality in decision support;
  • Strengthen networking within the scope of RePLAN – Network of Planning and Prospective Services of the Public Administration.

Project duration

This project takes place in annual cycles, the delivery of documents to Parliament takes place in April and from then on, the cycle repeats, including the collection of information, liaison between entities, development of support studies and preparation of the draft GO and NRP.