The Competence Centre for Planning, Policy and Foresight in Public Administration – PlanAPP, in partnership with the OECD – Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, held its first public conference yesterday, 18 May, in the Torre do Tombo auditorium in Lisbon.

Dedicated to the theme Rethinking Public Governance – Building Trust to Reinforce Institutions and Democracy,the conference was attended by several national and international speakers from the public and private sectors and academia who, in an open and inclusive environment, discussed the current public governance challenges faced by States and, in particular, by Portugal.

Throughout the day, the different speakers addressed the fact that public governance systems and models are today faced with great uncertainty and complexity. This raises new questions and renews old debates, namely about the role and functions of the State, the coordination and articulation between the various entities that make up the central administration and their relationship with society and the citizens they serve.

These challenges call on the various actors involved in public policies to adopt new approaches and recognise the importance of strengthening and promoting permanent learning and collaboration processes, as stressed by PlanAPP’s Director, Paulo Areosa Feio, in the opening session.
This initiative marked the official start of the project, “Strengthening Decision-Making Processes and Policy Development in Portugal: Supporting PlanAPP as a core Competence Centre in the Public Administration”, whose aim it is to support the installation of PlanAPP. In order to strengthen the decision-making process and the development of public policies in Portugal, the Competence Centre will benefit from access to the experience of counterpart bodies in other OECD countries and to international best practice in the area of public governance.