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The Lab 2050 project continues to hold brainstorming sessions with the aim of co-creating a collective vision of the country we want for the year 2050.

An example of this were the three activities held in the North of the country, from 31 March to 2 April.

Two of these sessions, held in Guimarães, were part of the initiative “Cenários” (Scenarios), that the D. Maria II National Theatre is carrying out under the aegis of the National Odyssey programme, of which Lab2050 is a partner.

“Cenários” resulted from a partnership between the Portugal Social Innovation public initiative; A Oficina (The Workshop), that manages Guimarães municipality´s cultural provision, and PlanAPP´s Lab 2050 project.

The first of these sessions, which took place on March 31, brought together 47 students from top-year primary education and secondary education from the 21 municipalities in the North region that participated in National Odyssey.

The second, on 1 April, brought together 20 professionals in the field of Culture and Social Entrepreneurship, with the collaboration of the Mission Structure of Portugal Social Innovation-EMPIS.

The third brainstorming session was distinctive and in collaboration with the University of Manchester. The participants of this activity were a group of 71 university students from 17 nationalities and it took place at the Pocinho High Performance Centre, in Vila Nova de Foz Côa, on 2 April. Os participantes desta atividade foram um grupo de 71 estudantes universitários de 17 nacionalidades e teve lugar no Centro de Alto Rendimento do Pocinho, em Vila Nova de Foz Côa, a 2 de abril.

As part of the Environment & Development Fieldtrip organised by University of Manchester School of Environment, Education and Development as the final stage of its Environmental Planning and Management course, the session ended with an exercise in implementing the vision produced for 2050 in the Metropolitan Area of Porto and the Douro region, chosen as the central theme for this course.