An EU-funded project under the “Technical Support Instrument (TSI)” which aims to study the use of artificial intelligence algorithms to support regulatory impact assessment. This project is being developed in cooperation with Nova IMS with the aim of expanding the artificial intelligence prototype already developed for reading and analysing national and European legislation. The use of these technologies to support impact assessment has the objective of facilitating the use of AIL in Portugal and creating tools to support EU negotiation processes.

Project Objectives

  • Draw up a report identifying best practices along with a literature review on international experience in the use of AI tools as part of regulatory improvement programmes.
  • Develop an AI prototype using natural language processing to analyse European legislation.
  • This proof of concept also aims to explore the possibility of using AI-based techniques to compare national legislation texts and European legislation with the transposed national legislation (analysing situations involving potential gold plating).

Project duration


Project themes

Avaliação de impacto legislativo, inteligência artificial.


This project is supported by the European Union’s Technical Support Instrument programme